Cygwin and ProxyTunnel

A small note for the one who, like me, use this program for years.

The last precompiled version (1.9 compiled at 2008/03/03) seems not to be compatible anymore with cygwin (not sure wich version of which package, it happend for me on 2013/08/23).
This version is carrying cygwin dlls (cygwin1.dll, cygssl-0.9.8.dll, cygcrypto-0.9.8.dll).

What I did to resolve the problem is :
- recompile from source
- change the embeded libs (that can be found in cygwin/bin)

I'm not sure if recompilation was needed, probably not.

recompile :

cd proxytunnel-1.9.0
emacs Makefile
#OPTFLAGS += -DCYGWIN <<< uncomment this line
make (apparently the old warning about incompatibility that is mentionned about md4.h and md5.h in INSTALL file is deprecated, because it worked fine for me)
mv proxytunnel.exe ~/proxytunnel (or any rep)
chmod a+x ~/proxytunnel/proxytunnel.exe


change libs

cp /cygwin/bin/cygwin1.dll ~/proxytunnel
cp /cygwin/bin/cygssl-0.9.8.dll ~/proxytunnel
cp /cygwin/bin/cygcrypto-0.9.8.dll ~/proxytunnel